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01-04-2013, 07:39 PM
I've been talking about gun ownership and firing a gun for a few months but up to this point in my life, I've never actually handled a gun. I've been considering one for self defense in the house. Being that I am the only person besides my Dad who lives in NJ (everyone else is in PA), all the men in my family conceal carry. They are hunters/ex military, etc. Yet I never even touched a gun. Even with Army Captains in the family, huge hunters, and my Dad even shooting competitively as a teen, no one ever showed me a firearm. So I felt like I needed to take a proper course and see what I thought.

First off, it makes me nervous to think some people can simply walk into a store, buy a gun, and carry it around. I see NO issues with educated, mature, and properly trained civilians owning and carrying a weapon. What got me nervous was the few people who you could just tell were not understanding the basics of guns, ammo, and how the mechanics worked. Personally, I think anyone looking to carry a weapon should have to either take a course or be able to test out. Similar to driving really. I know some states do require this but I won't turn this thread into a political discussion. But there were some questionable people in my class that basic topics like what happens to hallow point shells compared to a regular bullet when it hits the target were hard for them to understand. Or why the glock would lock the slide in an open position after a clip was cleared.

Don/Pun has been super kind enough to answer every question I had via facebook/cell/text/whatever over the last couple of months so it was good to have the feedback from a non-relative who is skilled in shooting. Everyone should have someone to help get them started.

Well, the class was super diverse. I took it at a local indoor range through a company (Gun For Hire) that hosts a ton of NRA certified classes among other things. Had a great instructor and really enjoyed the class. It made me feel comfortable handling the guns after learning the basics, basic mechanics, ammo, and safety procedures. Once I got into the range though I definitely was spooked a little. With 12 lanes and everyone firing it was quite loud and a little nerve racking at first. Eventually I got used to it and stepped up for my turn. I started off with the 9mm Glock 19. Holy crap! It was amazing the power and skill it takes to accurately fire a weapon. I had some trouble with it at first due to my trigger technique. I kept trying to anticipate the firing and would tense up and pull up. The kickback was totally unexpected. I felt like the trigger action was forever long; like a clutch that needs a long travel to catch but then bites super quickly.

I started with a Weaver stance which felt way more comfortable but because of my nervousness and inexperience shooting, I converted over to Isosceles in part because it gave me a stronger frame and more control. Once I got used to lining up my rear sight properly I got my aim down. I then moved onto a 22mm Revolver. I much preferred this gun as a newbie. The trigger action was shorter, lighter, and more predictable. I immediately had good accuracy and a lot more comfort level. I think my favorite part is actually loading the guns. Don't know why but it had a cool factor.

For anyone who's never shot a gun I highly advise taking a class like this. It gives the right education as well as NRA certification which can be important when applying for gun permits/joining a range. I plan to go back and take their shotgun course as well. http://gunforhire.com/ for those of you in NY/NJ area. Popular Mechanics also did a story on these guys/their home invasion course which is full simulation (live fire with modified paintballs) http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/military/weapons/a-day-of-intense-force-on-force-handgun-training

The stomach/middle shots are 9mm (started on) and the neck shots are the 22.


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The gun didnt kill anyone did it ? I hear they have a bad habit of shooting people

Jk Good job

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