View Full Version : Fitness Goals 2013

03-04-2013, 04:44 PM
well new year...lets restart this shit.

me - dropped myself almost 40lbs last year. im back down to the weight i was when i started dating my wife, however the smallest i have been since high school im going to guess. (i was a bit more muscular when i met my wife) now its time to start bring that back.

already changed up my diet a TON. for the most part I'm pretty much on the if i dunno what it is, i dont eat it plan. for example: ingredients: water, hydroxjdyuf fructos lacticiatedkdfh, flavor, more flavor, hghfkdejfy mixed with peanuts. I'm not a HUGE stickler to this but for the most part that's my style. (only changing when i travel for work due to lack of kitchen, but still try to keep it semi healthy, subway, steaks, chicken sandwiches, etc)

been doing Les Mills combat at 530 in the AM for some cardio, when thats done its time to kick back up Insanity again.
also slowing working myself up to running with some run walk combo action. (never been a runner so gotta work up to it) 2 days a week
3 days aweek after work i am hitting the gym to start back up with lifting.
-going to be doing one week of normal lifting, next week a max weight all week, following week is a normal lifting, next week as many reps with less weight until i fail.

my goal slim more body fat and bulk up a bit to be able to murder punks trying to date my daughter :fthat:

any tips or tricks for me especially different types of workouts for lifting so i can keep changing it up shoot em out.