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LegendOfSpeed162 (9:04:42 PM): locked
Dan Stea1th (9:04:45 PM): it's offical
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:04:46 PM): the chat will be locks
lavixl (9:04:47 PM): NO
Dan Stea1th (9:04:47 PM): Yo logan
lavixl (9:04:49 PM): no lock
lavixl (9:04:50 PM): no move
lavixl (9:04:54 PM): gotta fight
Lonely Doridori (9:04:55 PM): lol@George
lavixl (9:04:57 PM): for your right
lavixl (9:05:00 PM): to post NWS
Dan Stea1th (9:05:00 PM): Change the New Orleans to New Africa everytime someones posts
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:05:00 PM): ?
CrAzYSkiLLZ35 (9:05:01 PM): pineapple
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:05:04 PM): yo i want chicken n rice
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:05:11 PM): had a gyro today
CrAzYSkiLLZ35 (9:05:12 PM): then go walk for some
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:05:13 PM): fuckin reminded me
lavixl (9:05:19 PM): ****** Africa
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th1nkm4d (9:05:33 PM): ibigetbannedtonightbystrider
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:05:38 PM): danish is black
CrAzYSkiLLZ35 (9:05:39 PM): Rob is black
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:05:42 PM): yo danish has mad bitches
Lonely Doridori (9:05:53 PM): Danish has a big dick
Lonely Doridori (9:06:04 PM): It's like 4'
lavixl (9:06:07 PM): wide
Dan Stea1th (9:06:08 PM): i heard otherwise
SPEEDDMN159 (9:06:14 PM): lol chode master
Dan Stea1th (9:06:16 PM): ask nikki
CrAzYSkiLLZ35 (9:06:19 PM): Stealth would know from experience
Dan Stea1th (9:06:20 PM): she hit it
EPBBOOSTEDSI (9:06:20 PM): i heard he has moose cock
Lonely Doridori (9:06:23 PM): lol you mean you've seen otherwise
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:06:26 PM): http://img100.imageshack.us/img100/7051/ef80jg.png
Dan Stea1th (9:06:36 PM): is that so tai?
th1nkm4d (9:06:41 PM): gtfo with that ugly car
Dan Stea1th (9:06:43 PM): :loads up photoshop:
Lonely Doridori (9:06:44 PM): You tell me
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:06:56 PM): http://img100.imageshack.us/img100/4578/bef9gg.png
Dan Stea1th (9:07:07 PM): with crazy picture am i gonna chop tai into
Lonely Doridori (9:07:09 PM): Oh don't go there, lol.. I'll fix you up
HunteR21451 (9:07:09 PM): I saw a hatch like htat with a fart can today
EPBBOOSTEDSI (9:07:10 PM): fs are ghey
HunteR21451 (9:07:12 PM): thought of jorge
Dan Stea1th (9:07:20 PM): lol
Dan Stea1th (9:07:25 PM): na i wanna keep chopping fkntkn
EPBBOOSTEDSI (9:07:31 PM): lol
CrAzYSkiLLZ35 (9:07:42 PM): did u ever post the one of him n sonia?
CrAzYSkiLLZ35 (9:07:46 PM): remade
Lonely Doridori (9:07:47 PM): lol@Stealth today "I want to make his life miserable"
Dan Stea1th (9:07:52 PM): yep
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Dan Stea1th (9:08:02 PM): fkntkn = next redsoxfan
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:08:09 PM): yeah
CrAzYSkiLLZ35 (9:08:27 PM): but redsoxfan doesnt watch gravis while he sleeps
lavixl (9:08:34 PM): eww
Dan Stea1th (9:08:35 PM): true
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LegendOfSpeed162 (9:08:52 PM): yo
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:08:57 PM): i think i caught cancer
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:09:01 PM): second hand smoke
TheGuy1224 (9:09:04 PM): hahaha
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:09:05 PM): fuckin thinklock
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:09:08 PM): thinktabacco
lavixl (9:09:09 PM): :-)=-O:-$:-\:-(:-*:-!:'(;-)<>:o:-[:-X:-P8-)O:-):-D
Lonely Doridori (9:09:10 PM): FknSkn licked Andre's butthole, there' photographic evidence
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LegendOfSpeed162 (9:09:15 PM): smoked 3 packs ont he way home
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:09:15 PM): lol
th1nkm4d (9:09:16 PM): ****** die
th1nkm4d (9:09:19 PM): next time, you walk
Dan Stea1th (9:09:23 PM): I think im going to chop pineapple
SPEEDDMN159 (9:09:25 PM): I got a nib
EPBBOOSTEDSI (9:09:27 PM): lmao
EPBBOOSTEDSI (9:09:31 PM): stfu tai
SPEEDDMN159 (9:09:32 PM): sony laser disc player
SPEEDDMN159 (9:09:33 PM): lol
SPEEDDMN159 (9:09:35 PM): classic
Lonely Doridori (9:09:37 PM): lol
SPEEDDMN159 (9:09:37 PM): never touched
SPEEDDMN159 (9:09:44 PM): with bar code reader
SPEEDDMN159 (9:09:45 PM): remote
EPBBOOSTEDSI (9:09:45 PM): how much
Dan Stea1th (9:09:46 PM): whenver i pull my nose hair, my eye tears
SPEEDDMN159 (9:09:51 PM): even the damn packing foram
SPEEDDMN159 (9:10:02 PM): 70 bucks
SPEEDDMN159 (9:10:03 PM): lol
SPEEDDMN159 (9:10:09 PM): it plays 12 inch discs
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:10:10 PM): felix
Dan Stea1th (9:10:11 PM): Felix
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:10:11 PM): u alive
Dan Stea1th (9:10:13 PM): you called?
EPBBOOSTEDSI (9:10:28 PM): 12 inches
EPBBOOSTEDSI (9:10:33 PM): thats huge
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:10:34 PM): stealf did milton every show u that video of that chick fuckin that horse
Dan Stea1th (9:10:38 PM): ya
Dan Stea1th (9:10:39 PM): old
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:10:42 PM): that ***** nasty yo
SPEEDDMN159 (9:10:42 PM): and eight inch discs
Dan Stea1th (9:10:44 PM): I've seen a few
EPBBOOSTEDSI (9:10:46 PM): =-O
Dan Stea1th (9:10:46 PM): blond girl?
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:10:47 PM): i worried abotu hmi after that
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:10:55 PM): nah it was a black hare chick
Dan Stea1th (9:10:57 PM): oh
Dan Stea1th (9:11:02 PM): i have one of a blond girl
Dan Stea1th (9:11:05 PM): and it busts in her
Dan Stea1th (9:11:09 PM): looks like milk coming out
Dan Stea1th (9:11:12 PM): of her ass
TheGuy1224 (9:11:13 PM): hahaha
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:11:17 PM): yeah i sene that
SPEEDDMN159 (9:11:17 PM): ahhhhh
SPEEDDMN159 (9:11:20 PM): creampies
SPEEDDMN159 (9:11:21 PM): the best
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:11:24 PM): i seen this dude and chick givin a dog head
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:11:26 PM): fuckin nasty
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:11:30 PM): white people
Lonely Doridori (9:11:30 PM): I do that shit all the time
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:11:33 PM): i tell u
Dan Stea1th (9:11:34 PM): my farts smell like a turn rapped in burnt hair
CrAzYSkiLLZ35 (9:11:36 PM): whorge, go look up scat porn
Dan Stea1th (9:11:37 PM): turd&
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:11:39 PM): white pussy must be wack
TheGuy1224 (9:11:44 PM): remember when the 3 black guys were fucking the white girl and the dude stuck his balls in her ass?
mike1O23 (9:11:45 PM): ok whos going out
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:11:46 PM): they turn to animals
TheGuy1224 (9:11:46 PM): yeah that was hot
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:11:52 PM): yeah i saw trhat rob
Lonely Doridori (9:11:52 PM): lol
TheGuy1224 (9:12:07 PM): im not into that shit but that turned me the fuck on
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:12:10 PM): since all the white women go to black guys
TheGuy1224 (9:12:10 PM): i mean a tiny white girl
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:12:13 PM): liek andre
TheGuy1224 (9:12:15 PM): then 3 black guys with their nightsticks
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:12:17 PM): the men go to animals
Lonely Doridori (9:12:20 PM): wtf
Dan Stea1th (9:12:20 PM): http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v72/Stealth/kfc.jpg
Lonely Doridori (9:12:21 PM): you weird
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:12:22 PM): like this guy who married his sheep
Dan Stea1th (9:12:24 PM): LOL
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:12:24 PM): i was like wtf
TheGuy1224 (9:12:26 PM): fucking huge ass burnt mean sticks
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TheGuy1224 (9:12:31 PM): meat*
Dan Stea1th (9:12:38 PM): http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v72/Stealth/Image388.jpg
Dan Stea1th (9:12:40 PM): peep that
Dan Stea1th (9:12:42 PM): oh yaaaaaaa
Dan Stea1th (9:12:44 PM): no pig
Dan Stea1th (9:12:47 PM): new pig*
Lonely Doridori (9:12:48 PM): What turns me on is a tiny white girl and my cock inside her
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:12:50 PM): stealf
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:12:54 PM): wheremy booby shot
CrAzYSkiLLZ35 (9:12:59 PM): stealth got a 14 yr old to do that
TheGuy1224 (9:13:00 PM): haha tai, white girls > *
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:13:03 PM): yo tai
CrAzYSkiLLZ35 (9:13:06 PM): stealth is turning into Rob
Dan Stea1th (9:13:09 PM): Lonely Doridori (9:12:06 PM): What turns me on is a tiny white girl and my cock inside her Don't you mean your tiny cock in a white girl?
Lonely Doridori (9:13:11 PM): Fo serious
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:13:13 PM): post that pic of u with sonia
Lonely Doridori (9:13:16 PM): lollllll
TheGuy1224 (9:13:21 PM): the sonia pic was the best
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:13:22 PM): that shits funny
TheGuy1224 (9:13:24 PM): whoever did that is genius
Lonely Doridori (9:13:25 PM): Stealth, I'mma pull a logan on you
Dan Stea1th (9:13:29 PM): ?
Dan Stea1th (9:13:31 PM): lol
Dan Stea1th (9:13:35 PM): i won't be as impressed
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:13:39 PM): lol
Dan Stea1th (9:13:40 PM): logans didn't impress me
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:13:44 PM): i thought logan was black
Dan Stea1th (9:13:45 PM): :shrug:
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:13:46 PM): after i saw that pic
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:13:49 PM): iwas like holy shit
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:13:58 PM): my eyes!
TheGuy1224 (9:13:58 PM): logan is black from the waist down
Dan Stea1th (9:13:59 PM): Post your penis size
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:14:03 PM): nah
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:14:05 PM): that woul dbe to homo
Lonely Doridori (9:14:10 PM): lol make a thread
Dan Stea1th (9:14:15 PM): 6in here
Logan0329 (9:14:17 PM): DANIEL
Dan Stea1th (9:14:19 PM): a little bit over
Logan0329 (9:14:20 PM): YOU LOVE THE COCK
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:14:24 PM): yo stealf
Dan Stea1th (9:14:26 PM): yo
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:14:27 PM): u need to post pics
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:14:29 PM): of that chick
Dan Stea1th (9:14:29 PM): of?
Lonely Doridori (9:14:30 PM): 6.76in
Dan Stea1th (9:14:31 PM): na
Lonely Doridori (9:14:32 PM): holler
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:14:34 PM): pussy
Dan Stea1th (9:14:35 PM): i call bullshit
TheGuy1224 (9:14:37 PM): we should have just 30 minutes of post your cock thread..then logan will lock it
TheGuy1224 (9:14:42 PM): but we'll put it to archives
Logan0329 (9:14:45 PM): lol
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:14:46 PM): my penis is bigger then tais head!
Dan Stea1th (9:14:50 PM): Lonely Doridori (9:13:49 PM): 6.76in <~~~ BS
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:14:51 PM): :-*
EPBBOOSTEDSI (9:14:53 PM): im about 9..lol
Lagwagon96 (9:14:57 PM): im leaving for sv if anyone cares
TheGuy1224 (9:14:57 PM): LOL
EPBBOOSTEDSI (9:15:00 PM): :-P
Dan Stea1th (9:15:02 PM): rooster
Logan0329 (9:15:03 PM): its like an orange sitting on a toothpick
Dan Stea1th (9:15:03 PM): no one cares
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:15:04 PM): bye rooster
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:15:06 PM): dont crash no one
Lagwagon96 (9:15:08 PM): later
Lonely Doridori (9:15:12 PM): I'll take pics before I wank tonight, then post it creatively in the lounge
Lagwagon96 (9:15:12 PM): funny
TheGuy1224 (9:15:13 PM): haha peace ******
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:15:18 PM): tai
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:15:23 PM): www.pajilleros.com
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:15:24 PM): holla
Dan Stea1th (9:15:24 PM): you guys ever play Zombie For CS:S
TheGuy1224 (9:15:26 PM): ok we wont post cocks, lets make a thread on loads
Dan Stea1th (9:15:27 PM): that shit is fucking fun
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:15:29 PM): www.canal96.com
TheGuy1224 (9:15:33 PM): like we'll jerk off and post our loads
Dan Stea1th (9:15:37 PM): i'll win
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Lonely Doridori (9:15:39 PM): holler jorge
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:15:40 PM): lol
th1nkm4d (9:15:41 PM): supertangas.com has hot bitches
Dan Stea1th (9:15:43 PM): i got yoimbi pills
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:15:43 PM): yo u dont want my loads
SPEEDDMN159 (9:15:45 PM): cause he has sex the least
SPEEDDMN159 (9:15:46 PM): lol
Dan Stea1th (9:15:50 PM): :-!
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:15:51 PM): yo think i dont have a pw for that super tanga site
TheGuy1224 (9:15:55 PM): guess what guys, im doing it now..logan, dont lock my thread about my load
Lonely Doridori (9:15:55 PM): lol
Dan Stea1th (9:15:58 PM): i got a pw to onionbooty
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:15:59 PM): i get sex 2 times a week
Dan Stea1th (9:16:01 PM): Oh ya
SPEEDDMN159 (9:16:06 PM): onionboootyyyy
SPEEDDMN159 (9:16:08 PM): ooooohhhhhhhh
Dan Stea1th (9:16:13 PM): ooh ya
SPEEDDMN159 (9:16:20 PM): if i go to my girl's house five times a week
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:16:21 PM): www.applebottom.com
EPBBOOSTEDSI (9:16:23 PM): lie jorge
SPEEDDMN159 (9:16:26 PM): thats how many times i get it
CrAzYSkiLLZ35 (9:16:26 PM): Rob, if u post that ill get Steve to ban u
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:16:27 PM): www.moustacy.com
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:16:34 PM): crazy
EPBBOOSTEDSI (9:16:37 PM): i hate you guys
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:16:38 PM): u actually no rob
TheGuy1224 (9:16:45 PM): haha he wont know what it is, ill say its a mystery fluid
TheGuy1224 (9:16:46 PM): haha
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:16:46 PM): is rob really pussy
Dan Stea1th (9:16:49 PM): the most action richie has seen caused his right hand to peel :-X
CrAzYSkiLLZ35 (9:17:04 PM): his right hand rejected him
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:17:36 PM): lol
Dan Stea1th (9:17:52 PM): I need to masturbate real bad
TheGuy1224 (9:17:56 PM): haha
EPBBOOSTEDSI (9:18:07 PM): how do you guys do that shit
Dan Stea1th (9:18:09 PM): today in class a bitch came in with a series case of camel toe
EPBBOOSTEDSI (9:18:13 PM): like seriously
Dan Stea1th (9:18:14 PM): i had a boner for 3 hours
Dan Stea1th (9:18:17 PM): just thinking of it
TheGuy1224 (9:18:20 PM): LOL
TheGuy1224 (9:18:26 PM): you should do porn
EPBBOOSTEDSI (9:18:38 PM): i cant touch my schlong.
Dan Stea1th (9:18:39 PM): looked like a hotdog bun in sirann rap
EPBBOOSTEDSI (9:18:40 PM): i feel weird
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:18:50 PM): yo
TheGuy1224 (9:18:50 PM): LOLOL
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:18:54 PM): when the next *** meet
Logan0329 (9:19:03 PM): .........
Lonely Doridori (9:19:10 PM): Wait, you feel weird touching your penis?
Lonely Doridori (9:19:13 PM): How do you piss?
Logan0329 (9:19:26 PM): when he pisses in a urinal
Logan0329 (9:19:35 PM): he can tell how cold the water is
TheGuy1224 (9:19:45 PM): i wait guys that pee in urinals, they stand like 3 feet back so you can literally see their cock
Lonely Doridori (9:19:47 PM): lolllll
TheGuy1224 (9:19:48 PM): fucking fags
EPBBOOSTEDSI (9:19:51 PM): i mean like to jack off
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:19:55 PM): das homo
Logan0329 (9:20:08 PM): i stand three feet back
Dan Stea1th (9:20:10 PM): question is why would you look
Logan0329 (9:20:13 PM): just cause
Logan0329 (9:20:16 PM): i know dude looks
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:20:17 PM): i wont look
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:20:19 PM): fuck outahere
TheGuy1224 (9:20:20 PM): i dont look, but i know its noticeablre
Lonely Doridori (9:20:23 PM): Peripheral vision, *****
Logan0329 (9:20:25 PM): yeah
TheGuy1224 (9:20:27 PM): yeah too tai
Dan Stea1th (9:20:27 PM): I go into the stall
Logan0329 (9:20:30 PM): i don't
Dan Stea1th (9:20:33 PM): so i don't gotta touch the urnal handle
Logan0329 (9:20:35 PM): i make a rainbow
TheGuy1224 (9:20:36 PM): me too, i never use urinals
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:20:37 PM): never again ill walk into a bathroom with tai
TheGuy1224 (9:20:38 PM): except at work
Logan0329 (9:20:39 PM): into the urinal
Dan Stea1th (9:20:40 PM): you get get it with your foot
TheGuy1224 (9:20:42 PM): cause its a on person bathroom
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:20:42 PM): he slapped my as while i pissed
Lonely Doridori (9:20:43 PM): I don't flush the urinal, and if I have to, I'll kick it
Dan Stea1th (9:20:44 PM): with the toilet
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:20:45 PM): n was like good game
Logan0329 (9:20:46 PM): we have auto urinals
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:20:47 PM): im like mofucka
Dan Stea1th (9:20:53 PM): lol @ tai round housing kicking it
Lonely Doridori (9:20:57 PM): lol yeah
th1nkm4d (9:20:59 PM): who wants to go to city island tomorr
Dan Stea1th (9:21:02 PM): WAAAAAAAAAa
th1nkm4d (9:21:03 PM): tomorrow*
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:21:07 PM): not me think lock
Dan Stea1th (9:21:09 PM): City ISLAND IS WACK
EPBBOOSTEDSI (9:21:14 PM): yea
th1nkm4d (9:21:14 PM): go get some friend calamari
Dan Stea1th (9:21:15 PM): place is filled with shit
Logan0329 (9:21:17 PM): tai hows the sideways pussy?
Dan Stea1th (9:21:17 PM): aka ******s
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:21:18 PM): party at stealfs
EPBBOOSTEDSI (9:21:23 PM): friday-sunday im free
th1nkm4d (9:21:26 PM): fuck that
Dan Stea1th (9:21:30 PM): first of all
th1nkm4d (9:21:30 PM): i like friend calamari
Dan Stea1th (9:21:36 PM): the only person I'd allow at my house here is logan
th1nkm4d (9:21:36 PM): fried*
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:21:40 PM): imma go to japan join one of those asian porn tv shows
Dan Stea1th (9:21:40 PM): 1. cause he isn't a minority
Dan Stea1th (9:21:43 PM): 2. Cause he's white
Logan0329 (9:21:44 PM): lol
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:21:46 PM): talkin abotu find the vigrin
Dan Stea1th (9:21:47 PM): 3. I know he won't steal shit
TheGuy1224 (9:21:47 PM): werd
LegendOfSpeed162 (9:21:48 PM): virgin
Logan0329 (9:21:51 PM): hahahahaa
Dan Stea1th (9:21:56 PM): 4.
th1nkm4d (9:22:01 PM): i'm outta here
Dan Stea1th (9:22:03 PM): my neighbors hate my dog cause he's black
th1nkm4d (9:22:03 PM): peace mofo's
Session concluded at 9:22:07 PM

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