View Full Version : Guide: Introducing new people to shooting

02-16-2012, 10:40 PM
So, you packed up weapons and ammo, have a bagged lunch, few drinks and people who want to get into shooting.

First, of course is safety. 4 rules: 1) treat all Guns as always loaded, 2) Keep the finger off the trigger till ready to shoot, 3) dont point muzzle at anything you arent willing to destroy, 4) make sure of your target, whats around it and more importantly whats behind it.

always use eye and ear protection (and if you're joe have some leg armor :lol: )

now that we covered safety, introduce new shooter with the easiest light recoil gun you have. Me, I have 22s with red dots and scopes. These will teach them how to handle a gun without being scared of the report (recoil, muzzle blast, etc). move them up in phases, start with rifles and low powered pistols. a shotgun (12 gauge) maybe a bit much at this point, unless you are using some low recoil shot (no slugs)

also use large targets, if you can something that will give them a stimulus (a sound, it falls, it breaks, its bursts etc) that signify a hit. with 22s you can use swinger plates, usually available at any big gun shop/sporting goods store.

at this point, you do the 2 E: Evaluate and Encourage- always go over with them what they are doing without being a drill sgt about it. follow the flow: engage safety, insert magazine, charge the weapon, disengage safety, aim, fire, continue fire until empty, reload and repeat. Let them know when they are doing something right. stop them, and let them correct it themselves (unless it something extremely wrong - looking down the barrel, etc).

at the end, teach them how to correctly lock up and store/case weapons, clean up brass and trash.