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02-28-2012, 10:39 PM
Brothel Inspector Job Attracts Dozens Of Applicants

Apart from annual payable $65, 761, a recent brother inspector job offered by a private Australian firm attracted thousands of applicants.
The Lyonswood Investigation and Forensic Group manager explained that the job post involves “partaking of undercover sexual services on behalf of local councils in New South Wales.” The job posting specified that they are looking for “unmarried applicants who are preferably single (with sworn evidence form a court) and willing to have protected sex with prostitutes.”
Lachian Jarvis, the operations manager, explained further “Some jobs require the offering of sexual services; some actually require the partaking of sexual services… because it is considered the most convincing evidence. We have dozens if not more than that apply, it was certainly a popular job. The perfect hob for a male.”


02-28-2012, 10:43 PM
and here is another stupid story that i wont post into a new thread

Thief Steals Virtual Amulet and Mask From 13 Year Old Boy

A 13 year old boy was beaten up by a ruthless Dutch thief, who then stole his virtual amulet and mask. The thief used a knife to threaten the boy who then parted with the items he won from the Runescape fantasy game.
The Dutch Supreme Court put the thief on 144 hours of community service. The nature of the crime is one of the few cases that have ever been taken to court. The defendant’s lawyer argued that the items were not tangible and had no financial value. The court however found that the items had intrinsic value to the boy; because of the energy and time he had invested to acquire the virtual objects.
The thief had an accomplice, who was playing the game at the time of the incident and he picked up the items assuming their ownership.

02-28-2012, 10:47 PM
and one more

28 Year Old Man Failed British Driving Theory Test 92 Times

A 28 year old man from Leicester, England has reportedly failed the British driving theory test 92 times.
The man has spent £2,852 ($3,712) on the theory tests. The hour-long theory test includes multiple-choice questions testing the student’s knowledge of the road rules and a hazard-perception test which requires students to spot road dangers on a simulation driving video.
Unfortunately the man cannot progress to the practical test until he successfully passes the theory test. Another 33 year old man was reported to have failed the practical exam 22 times before finally passing the test. The man who is also from Leicester spent £1,650 ($2,147) on the tests.

02-28-2012, 10:52 PM
lol that brothel inspector job is interesting. Australia is known to have legal brothels in certain areas. Pretty popular so i hear. In vegas the bunny ranch is the only one that's legal right?

02-29-2012, 01:50 AM
lol that brothel inspector job is interesting. Australia is known to have legal brothels in certain areas. Pretty popular so i hear. In vegas the bunny ranch is the only one that's legal right?

In clark county (where las vegas / the strip is) prositution is illegal in other counties its legal... there is the bunny ranch and a chain called "chicken coupe" or how ever you spell it....

But backpage.com and the phone book and classified ads work just fine lol... also most any asian massage parlor is free game lol

02-29-2012, 02:20 AM
Ive been to the Bunny Ranch in Nevada, place is a shit hole with old worn out whores in there. . . . but they will feed you for free lol

02-29-2012, 08:51 AM
I might have to think about moving and switching careers.

Double R
02-29-2012, 10:01 AM
What is this prostitution business you speak of?

02-29-2012, 05:56 PM
there's a show on hbo i think called bunny ranch, it's like a reality show, they sort of document the day to day of what goes on there. Not very appealing at all, not just the women but the whole business. It almost casts a negative light on prostitution.