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yChromoZone Forums FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Rules and Regulations

Member Rules

All rules are subject to change and interpretation by the staff of If there is an issue that you feel needs to be resolved please contact a staff member.

Do: • have a good time and post often. • post new threads in the appropriate forum. • keep threads on topic • follow signature guidelines (listed below)

Don’t: • make personal threats on the board. • post pornography outside designated areas. • harass other members in threads or PMs. • make negative posts about the board or other members. • make posts that only serve to raise your post count. • make posts about problems you might have with the site, members, or staff. Issues regarding yChromozone should be discussed with a site Admin. • do stuff considered disruptive behavior (see below) Signature Rules Our wish is that sigs be work safe, and of a respectable nature and size. This means: * no immense animated images (limit of 100k on animations) .. * no large images (please keep them to under 700x500 total size.) * no advertising other forums in your sig. * no banners advertising businesses * no offensive signatures, be that non work safe, gore, racial or anything else that could be found offensive. You may find that mods PM you letting you know you’re breaking these rules and ask you to correct it. Don't get mad at them. Disruptive Behavior Things we will NOT tolerate: • Racism • Threats • Discussion of illegal activities • Negativity towards the site or its members • Openly verbally attacking someone • Starting threads for the purpose of increasing post count or creating drama • Generally being disruptive • Posting users' personal information Any other behavior detrimental to yChromoZone's image. It’s very simple. Use the site, talk about man stuff, network with other guys, goof off (within reason) and make friends, but leave the negative/combative/abusive stuff OFF of the board. Questions can be asked via PM to a moderator, super moderator or admin.

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