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    It's good to be back

    Sorry for the potato quality.

    My Razr met the business end of a 7 iron and I have this old shitty Samsung for the time being.

    Anyway. I haven't touched a gym in a year. Pullups + Calisthenics >*

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    That first pic makes you look like you have lil short t-rex arms. How do you eat or better yet masturbate with those short things ?

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    Hahahaha. I didn't notice that. My forearm is in front of my bicep and I guess it makes it look weird in proportion. I do have short arms, but my forearms are pretty muscular. I kept fucking cramping up so I couldn't get a legit double bi.

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    Nope. Like I said, been doing calisthenics work for the past 6 months or so. Fuck going to a gym.

    I go to the local park and workout on the monkey bars and shit. Scare little children and impress milfs.

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    you going to impress them with those trex arms?

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    looks good man...

    i need to kick up my workouts a bit. just started going back not to long ago and im good with my workout now so i think its time to open up. need to work on my back though, thats my weak link...shoulders and traps are my area for some reason.
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