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    Haven't logged on in a while, bought a new car.

    Bought a 2013 Focus ST after I sold my s2000. Got the Recaro + mytouch/sync package. Overall, a pretty nice car, much more torque than the S, and also a bit more civilized. Ordered a cobb stage 3 kit for it just last week.
    Also moved to the east coast for a new job. I may drive up for the next CnR.

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    mmmm CnR
    "bro, if there's one thing ill make sure of, is that im the commander and chief in the bedroom" -Steven Siegler

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    Car looks good in red. What is the MPG like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siegler View Post

    I've been averaging about 23 city/30 highway. Overall, about 26.5 mpg with just over 2000 miles.

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    Nice. I might have to keep this car in mind when I'm ready to replace the 4runner.

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    Teg, where you at on the east now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by itdiestoday View Post
    Teg, where you at on the east now?
    Live in rockville/bethesda area, and I work in Arlington.

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    Looking good! Got any interior shots?
    aka B18C5er

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamma_B View Post
    Live in rockville/bethesda area, and I work in Arlington.
    Cool mane. Im in Frederick. Now, go get a motorcycle and we do track days next year. lol

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