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    Looking for Feedback [Gun Box]

    I had a gun box designed about a year ago and decided to hold off on the idea. I'm not sure it's a very good one.

    The idea is to have your weapon easily accessible in a high stress situation without leaving it in the open where your wife or kids could shoot themselves..

    At the same time it's really just a badass display case..imo.

    Pretty much forgot about the idea but a godaddy notice reminded me..looking to kill it or possibly have it produced.

    Dumb idea or something you could see yourself owning?

    More pics at the link

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    The glass being breakable to me means it is still accessible to kids and/or the intruder if he beats me to it. You also have the one time use issue that once broken, needs to be replaced. If that costs too much then no go. I also would not want to display the weapon openly in that manner. Too tempting to kids or guests.

    It is neat looking and could have some functionality. I also do not own a gun and unsure if I will at some point so my opinion comes from a pro-gun but with common sense approach.

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    Thanks. The glass would need to be replaceable somehow..I never got to the point of figuring that out before I pretty much shelved the idea.

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    personally would use this just for the mag/ammo
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