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    looking to get a Tomahawk

    Anyone have/use a tomahawk? Im looking for a decent one that can be used in the woods for cutting firewood, but also be able to throw it.
    Would i be better off getting a tomahawk just for throwing and a hatchet for camping?
    Ive looked on amazon but most are not full tang, so not sure if they will break in half (sure they will hold up if you dont suck and hit the handle).

    not really trying to spend to much.
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    It seems like I will have to get 2 different ones, I ordered one just for clearing brush, we shall ser how it goes.
    AKA Enigma

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    $320-$420 is a little WAY over my budget LOL. they look pretty nice though with good craftsmanship.
    AKA Enigma

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    i got a SOG, havent used it to throw, but have chopped some decent size (arm sized) branches
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