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    Now that lent has started, what is one thing you absolutely could not go without?

    For 40 days? Dont put computer or shitting or something stupid.

    Me? Alcohol.

    Can't stand the thought of not having a cold beer/shot/cocktail for 40 days.

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    Nothing in particular.

    I strong like that.

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    Yeah I don't need anything that bad. For 40 days, you can take whatever and I'm good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stealth View Post
    I'm giving up lent for lent
    this right hurr

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    i'm an agnostic...
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    Gum I guess. Since I quit smoking I chew gum all day.

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    Tea..... like iced tea....... i gave up sodas over a year ago for new years....havent touched them since. but since then i started drinking tea a LOT.....dont think i could do it
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    need to drive my car, i'm addicted to it.

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    dont put computer.. I can barely go a day without access to electronics

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    Well no shit Clark.

    I meant something less obvious than computer or your car.

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    table tennis


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    Quote Originally Posted by Double R View Post
    Well no shit Clark.

    I meant something less obvious than computer or your car.
    as if alcohol wasn't obvious

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    Eating dead animals, more specifically chickens and cows. I think I would be ok with not eating pigs for 40 days

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    I'm giving up soda for 40 days just to see if I can do it

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