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    Peyton Manning to Denver...

    Anyones thoughts? Success of this move or predictions of failures?

    The "weird" thing about it, John Elway was originally drafted by the Baltimore Colts, but maneuvered himself to Denver. Peyton Manning was drafted by the Colts, and is now a Denver Bronco. (both teams are also references to horses) John Elway being drafted and not signing with that team is also a maneuver only done by one other modern QB, Peyton's brother Eli.
    Also, John Elway was a star QB at Stanford, and picked up Peyton; whose spot is going to be replaced by another star QB from Stanford, both of whom finished as runners up to the Heisman in their final seasons!

    Shits crazy man, crazy!

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    I wonder what his motivation is, the obvious team that he stood the soonest chance of getting to the super bowl with was San Francisco. That defense, Frank Gore, Moss, Manningham, Crabtree and Vernon Davis. I wonder what all was really going on behind the scenes.

    Anyway apparently Denver's schedule is brutal next year, and they only play one game indoors, and they're still going up against the Chargers, Raiders and Cheifs for the division who are all equally capable of winning it. Maybe in a year or two at best Denver will make a deep playoff run and possible super bowl but i could just as easily see them not making a super bowl at all in the next 5 years and this whole thing will go nowhere. Especially when Peyton gets forced into retirement from an injury before the 5 years is up.

    I would bet they don't win 10 games this season. 8-8 or 9-7 at best
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    Would have to look at their schedule to know for sure but judging by how bad the Colts were without him, I would assume the Bronco's can only get better with him.
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    9/11 WAS A HOAX


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    i dont see nikki or whats her name in this thread bro.

    The broncos had a great defense last year, and they have talented receivers like Thomas.

    (The real reason he chose denver was because of the doomsday shelter under the airport)

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    He'll be out injured soon enough. Guy should just stay retired.

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    The Broncos were a Qb away last year from winning the AFC.

    They have great offensive line. Great defense. Thomas will be a beast under Manning. They need to really get healthy at the RB. I don't know how much juice is left in McGahee's tank and Moreno can't stay healthy.

    I think they need to pick up a solid possession receiver and a workhorse RB.

    Manning doesn't need to be the QB he was in Indy to win there. He just needs to not fuck up.



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