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    Drunk Canadian in Cop Car sings Bohemian Rhapsody...

    in its entirety!

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    "bro, if there's one thing ill make sure of, is that im the commander and chief in the bedroom" -Steven Siegler

    zedron: hate u dan
    zedron: HA, Fuck you Dan

    zedron: Why I am strapped wherever I go. I had a Mexican lawn guy pull a machete on me at a gas station. He got shot in the leg.

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    if you sync it with the actual song from where he says ''momma, just killed a man'' you will be amazed how well he keeps on pace with the actual song. He loses track a couple times but somehow manages to get back perfectly with the song.

    I like how he can barely put a sentence together but can sing the entire song and not screw up a single lyric haha

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