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    Gym Etiquette - Being rushed?

    Alright so today I am at the gym which is my condo association's little gym. Doesn't have much but enough to get by. There's one Smith machine that is usually a hot item since it's mainly guys in the gym. So I get in there today and there a guy on the machine and another dude on a bench with free weights. I'm planning for chest and I want to get onto the Smith as I usually start with bench press. One thing I like to do is stretch first and get a handle on who's doing what so I don't run into issues with waiting for a piece of equipment.

    So the guy on the Smith finishes, wipes it down, and leaves. I keep stretch and eventually wander over to it and grab a light weight to swing around and loosen up. I give it a few minutes to see if the last guy was waiting on it. Other guy is still on a bench with free weights. I load up the Smith and get through 2 sets. On my 3rd, he pops over and asks what I have left. No problem, I let him know I have one set left then it's all him.

    As I finish my final set, he runs over (mind you we're the only two left in the gym) and starts to unload the weight. He takes one side while I was on the other. I go to grab a wipe to clean the bench down and the dude is already racking the machine and grabs my water bottle and basically walks me away from the machine before he hands it to me.

    Same thing happens later on another piece of machine. I can't even wipe it down before he's literally sitting on it as he was waiting for me. He wasn't wiping anything down either. He was in good shape and it was definitely not his first time in a gym.

    I was a bit ticked off by his need for speed to unrack my weight and to go grab my water bottle out of the machine area and wander off/hand it to me like here dude get moving. I know people get into rhythm. I do myself which is why I try to get a handle on what other people are doing and plan my routine accordingly. Is it just me or is it not cool what he did?

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    tiny gym limited machines... i mean he could be trying to catch up to his rhythm too

    but since he didnt wipe your sweat, just let him know next time that you have aids :D
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    Probably trying to knock out his sets and keep his heart rate up.

    It's a little fucked up as some people don't like to be rushed. Say something to him if u have a problem and tell him to slow down.

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    I don't mind someone running through stuff, I just mind people grabbing my stuff and moving me out of the way.

    He was also moving extremely slow through his sets and transitions to new movements. So he wasn't keeping much of a heart rate if that was the case.

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    He was getting frustrated you were using the equipment he wanted to use

    tell him not to touch your shit

    if you don't say anything to him he will continue to do this

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    Some people try to stick to exact rest intervals (like one minute). Maybe he would have rather handed you your stuff instead of not giving you enough time to leave the area and going right into his set. Regardless, say something next time.

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    Kick the gym fan. That will show him who is the the boss.

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    Next time, wait outside in the bushes and stab him in the liver.



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