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    Fantasy Football

    Are you coons doing FF this year?

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    I'll do it again if the same league is happening. Think we used ESPN last year
    - Ryan

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    I have room for three heads in my 12 man league that I am running. Currently set for auction draft. date to be determined as soon as league is filled. PM me your email and Ill send invite. No money involved.


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    The ESPM league is still there. Just called ***.

    IIf it's private, I think the PW is ***.

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    Yeah I just checked on it, says it needs to be reactivated though

    Your League Manager, matthew demaske,must reactivate this

    league for the upcoming season.
    - Ryan

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    Your League Manager, matthew demaske,must reactivate this

    league for the upcoming season.
    what an asshole

    "bro, if there's one thing ill make sure of, is that im the commander and chief in the bedroom" -Steven Siegler

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    zedron: HA, Fuck you Dan

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    I'm on it

    Edit: League activated

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    when's the draft how much is the money where do we send it
    - Ryan

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    The League ID is 906098, password is *** (HH U) I think. all the stuff was still already in there when I signed into my ESPN account so you sholdn't have to put any of that shit in anyway I don't think
    - Ryan

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    Everything should be gravy if you were in the league last year.

    Send $20 paypal to

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    Any ideas on when to draft? I gotta make sure I can make it
    - Ryan

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    I think I have it set up for sunday before opening day.

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    Is everyone definitely playing again? I'm ready to send some $$$ but I wanna make sure it's happening first, I think it says no draft date has been selected or anything right now:

    - Ryan

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    Cool I'll send the money tonight or tomorrow. I've got a Yahoo draft at the same time so that'll be a busy night, I'll have to have them both open at the same time haha
    - Ryan

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    I'll pay pal it now.



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