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    Potential issue with my 96 civic

    My civic has 145k on it. Manual trans. When I pulled out of my friend's house, the clutch started making this odd noise. Everytime I pressed the pedal down, it would make a very noticeable click, then again when I let the pedal back up. After I got down to the end of the road, it started to make a grinding noise when I pressed the clutch pedal down. Everytime I pressed it, the light for the Emergency brake would come on, the dash board would dim and the RPMs would drop by about 300, in addition to a grinding noise coming from the engine bay. These would last for about a second and then stop. There were no other symptoms, the car drove fine, it shifted fine, I checked the clutch and brake fluids, both are fine, no leaks. Transmission is full of honda MTF. I pulled over after driving like this for about 3 minutes and shut the car off to check all of these things. After I started the car back up, everything just went away and did not come back all night.

    My buddy said that it might be the throwout bearing getting worn out that is causing the grind, although it usually brings other symptoms with it as well. We are replacing the front ball joints and control arm bushings this weekend (and going to look at a new car ironically) and we will be checking some parts for the clutch and trans to try and find the cause of this. Anyone have any suggestions on what to check while I have the car up in the air?

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    Throw out bearing, clutch disk, differential, pressure plate.

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    I think you're looking for honda hookup. com

    but in all seriousness sounds like throw out bearing. At 145k if that's the original clutch it's probably time for a new TOB, clutch, pressure plate, and fluids.

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    I started pulling the driver side apart to replace the ball joints...found that the lower slide bolt on my brake caliper slid out and the caliper was slamming against the inside of my wheel. Also found that the lower ball joint and the tire rod joint(or is it a bushing?) are both ripped to pieces. Overall, hardly got anything done. Repairs for the coming weeks are going to be - upper and lower ball joints. Tie rod bushings, clutch TOB, pressure plate, caliper, both front fenders, hood, bumper cover, headlight...full paintjob..fuck me. All while trying to buy another car. woohoo.



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