Ive drastically tempered my expectations for this season after the injuries coming out of last game. Our defense was already the worst its been in franchise history after 6 weeks, and now we're without 3/5 of our top star defensive players, so it can only get even worse. Losing Webb and Lewis for the season is devastating, Cary Williams is awful and Jimmy Smith isnt where he needs to be yet. Upshaw is still coming along and Kruger will never be the long term answer. Plus, Ed Reed is playing with a torn labrum in his shoulder so even he isnt 100%. That leaves us with Ngata. We get Suggs back in a few weeks which will help, but he wont be 100% either coming off an achilles injury.

I think we still have a good chance to take the division since Pittsburgh is also hurting and the Bengals arent threatening yet, but my expectations have lowered regardless.