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    What did you get for XMAS?

    So Far from secret Santa @ work.

    Low Profile Jack

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    Thats Mr. Cage to you
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    So far. . . .

    *TV was a present to myself actually lol*

    Another PS3 for when i get around to building my theater room . . .

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    Just bought things for myself and the fiance since I'm furnishing our house. I bought these for the living room on Saturday:

    aka B18C5er

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    So far I have only opened presents with my fiance. She gave me a NIB Mossberg 590a1 12ga. It has a 9 shot mag tube (8 shot with 3" shells) and that weird stock that has two openings for extra ammo. It will be fun pimping that out.

    Also - My birthday was on the 22nd and my mother gave me a gorgeous painting (she is a professional pastel artist) of the waterfall in Seattle where my fiance and I will be holding our wedding ceremony. Will have to get pictures of that one up.

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    Hey tony did you get that stand at Walmart?
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    So far my major gift from the Fiance was a Saddleback Leather Briefcase, thin version. Needed one badly for work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry View Post
    Hey tony did you get that stand at Walmart?
    No sir. Walmart sells the Z-Line Maxwell, which is a very similar design except it has all clear glass, and pure black pieces that make up the stand. I got the Z-Line Venetian from Futureshop. The Venetian has black glass, and a black chrome finish for the stand pieces. It also supports up to 60" screens compared to the Maxwell's 55" capacity. Although I don't know if that even matters with the LED screens since they are so light.

    I bought a 55" Samsung LED panel and mounted it to it.
    aka B18C5er

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    Intel & VTEC Inside EXCellR8's Avatar
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    noice. i got mostly threads but i did get a new pc headset and some booze. i ordered myself a pair of chippewa boots that i'm dying to get but they weren't really a gift to myself... though one could argue that counts

    no snow up here at the moment but it did spit a little bit this morning and got the ground white.
    '95 Civic Sedan + '08 Fit Sport

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    I got a keurig coffee maker, some great snowboarding mitts, some bbq equipment, and some other stuff.

    I might buy myself a navy suit, too. Brooks Brothers has a good sale on.
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    I got my welder, portable welding table, new auto darkening helmet (thing is tits), various clamps, magnets, Femi band saw, shear, brake, pretty much everything to fabricate anything for vehicles and then some i.e. turbo manifolds, intake manifolds, exhausts, down pipes, charge piping, etc.

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    I got a shitload of amazon gift cards this year.

    Which is nice cause now I can get whatever I want.

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    I got some shirts and cash. Cash is best.
    aka B18C5er

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    Cause Redheads are better GVB109's Avatar
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    Billings, MT
    Washer & Dryer
    TV Mount
    A Set of component speakers and 4 channel amp
    Radar Detector
    Ted the bear doll
    New creeper for working on my car.
    Actually I was implying that waffles were greater then pancakes, but your logic works too.

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    Hi-lift Jack, shovel for my roof rack, yank strap, a D-Link for the yank strap, skullCandy Hesh2.0 headphones, Forza Horizon, and some cash!
    97 4Runner 5spd - 3in Toytec suspension lift w/Pro Comp shocks. 2in body lift. 17in dick cepek dc-2. 33in Nitto Terra Graplers. 3in Cat-back. ISR Delete. HREW tubing Rock Sliders. Outdoor Logic front wench bumper

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    Cash to help cover my 5D mk2 + f/2.8 24-70mm
    Extended battery grip
    Shoulder rig
    Lots of fancy clothes
    Electric Toothbrush set
    Little things here and there
    aka - Annihilia

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    Do you have the 5D2? I liked mine.

    I got Makers Mark Gift Set
    Underarmour Coldgear
    24-105L Lens mug.
    Gift Cards and Cash

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    "bro, if there's one thing ill make sure of, is that im the commander and chief in the bedroom" -Steven Siegler

    zedron: hate u dan
    zedron: HA, Fuck you Dan

    zedron: Why I am strapped wherever I go. I had a Mexican lawn guy pull a machete on me at a gas station. He got shot in the leg.

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    Soldering Iron
    Tripod Lights
    Screwdriver set
    Socket Set
    Money for the VW

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